who me?

As you may have already guessed, my name is Betsy (OK, you got me. My real name is Elizabeth, but I generally only answer to "Betsy"). I really enjoy creating things, and don't really have any qualms about what I create. Which means I paint, I knit, I crochet, I play with wood and metal and plastic. I take photos (I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY), I cook, I EAT, and now... I blog. And follow blogs. My favorites are the ones that MAKE stuff. Or let me blog-stalk friends ;).

Currently, I'm the "Owner/Photographer" for Something Betsy (for serious, it's an official business!). You can check out my photos (mostly landscape and nature shots) at www.somethingbetsy.com and feel FREE to order a print or two for your wall, or note cards, or even smaller gift-cards to give to friends!  And since I'm always wanting to create... if you come up with some genius idea for a new product, let me know! I very well may make you one ;).

Previous to this endeavor, I worked as an engineer until the effects of office life forced me out of it. It was a blessing in disguise however, because it's allowed me to spend more time creating and interacting with people, and I am forever grateful to God for it. I'd always wanted to sell my artwork someday, and now I have a website where I do!  I'm having a grand time of it, and welcome you to check it out

See you soon!