September 15, 2012

Resurrection... for a quick minute.

I know... I haven't posted in FOR-EVER. But I found an awesome contest to enter, and need a place to "host" my entry :-P. The contest is the Borderline Brilliant Contest over at Prudent Baby

Enter: Annabelle's hand-print!!  I traced her hand as best you can a wiggly infant's hand, and did a running stitch as my "border". The 11/17/11 is her birthday :-D

Wish me luck!!

June 28, 2012

Fourth of July!

I was at CVS today, hungry, and shopping, and this made it into my cart... Wouldn't it be cute in a bowl with some pretzel logs for the Fourth of July?!?

That's my contribution to society this week ;) enjoy!

May 15, 2012


I have a few friends (and family!) that are new mommies like myself, and I just e-mailed one with another bit of my off-the-wall-advice. That stuff that NO ONE tells you ahead of time? And that seems crazy even to a crazed new mom? Yea... I'm all about sharing that kind of stuff... because it's stuff you really need to know. Even if it's a little scary.

Like: when your milk doesn't want to wait for the baby (specifically at night)? And the Lansinoh pads aren't cutting it (btw... don't bother with any other ones... Target's brand is a close second, but still not as good)... maxi pads. You might feel funny... it might seem awkward... but it's SO much better than waking up in a puddle. Oh... and get a waterproof cover for your mattress. So much easier to throw that in the wash than try and get stink out of a mattress. (and no, I didn't actually get to use the maxi pads, but the amount of wash I could have saved if I'd thought of it sooner would have been awesome. And oddly, in random conversation the other day... I met someone who did. Go her!)

Told you. TMI.

May 14, 2012


Ever have just one of those days? The ones where you have mighty plans, and then your little one poops in the car seat... all over her cute, white, onesie... And all up in her adorable little jeggings... And you only discover this after your current plans for the day have been canceled... And you're suddenly glad that you turned the car around instead of keeping on going?

I'm having one of those days. Blogging on my iPhone while I watch Bean in her tub... Soaking the poop off.

Her clothes and car seat are soaking in the wash machine downstairs, in a mixture of washing detergent and LA's Totally Awesome. It's day two of this mixture, although yesterday it was different clothes...

Personally, I like LA's Totally Awesome for poop stains (and any other stains for that matter), but I usually use it as a topical stain fighter and scrub it in with an old toothbrush. The jury is still out on how well it works just poured in the wash water. Anyone out there find a good wash additive for poop stains? Anyone who's read this post long enough to get to this point wants to know too!!

May 12, 2012

Mom Tips

ALDI's is AWESOME for new moms. The basics, 4 aisles, cheap prices, easy in... easy out. Why did I learn this TODAY... a week before Bean turns 6 months!?!?

Diaper Pails are a load of Hooey. Expensive bags, crazy contraptions... still stink. Just get yourself a nice small foot pedal regular garbage can and a box of baking soda to sprinkle on top. Use the grocery bags from the store that seem to multiply anyway and empty it often. Personally, I like Simple Human's Profile Step Can.


changing the scope of the blog... AGAIN

Just a Little Something Betsy has been photos, food, crafting, fashion, all sorts of things. So adding to the mix (and probably focusing on it for a while) will be random thoughts. Things that would probably be appropriate for Facebook, but that I want to save a little better than that... that I'd like to be able to search through and remember later to pass on. So... less photos... more random thoughts... still Just a Little Something Betsy :-P


January 31, 2012

"Finished" Nursery

A friend reminded me I never put up any "finished nursery photos" so I real quick took some shots of at least what it looks like now. I still hope to get my talented sister to paint some fairy's for her walls to add some color, but her "thumbprint tree" is hung (still needing more thumbprints of assorted family) and the bumper is up (she still doesn't sleep in here yet though). A few little bird houses on one wall, and her birdhouse nightlight on the other. The mattress won't STAY, but does come in handy the nights she doesn't want to go down easy (or stay down). The rocking chair was made by hand from some lovely maple by dear Hubby, and is SUPER comfy and GORGEOUS. The furniture was my older sisters, and then mine until we finally got "grown up furniture" for our room. And yes, if you've been reading along, the two drawers are still broken ;). And still could be fixed in the same amount of time it's taking me to write this blog. But I have decided that Hubby should be the one to fix it, and I'm not very good at nagging him ;).



Just a tidbit on why I haven't posted

I started to "vent" on facebook, but i really try not to do that. You always get comments you'd rather not, and lots of them. Anyway, this was a fairly typical morning, sadly. And this is what I was about to post.

Another "good" morning. 1 shower, 1 bath, 1 load of laundry. All before noon and all unplanned! Thank you projectile reflux puke and butt blowout. You've given me purpose this morning. At least she slept till 7. Too bad I woke up at 5:45 to feed her and had to wait.

So while I sit here with my smart phone, dictating, and nursing, I'm changing my plans from going to the thrift shop, to doing wash. Washing the puked on sheets, the pooped up pajamas, and the baby that fortunately likes baths now. Wondering when I'll get breakfast, and praying that this stops being "normal" soon. Ugh. Thanks for letting me vent, and no, it's not every day, just often enough that it's not weird or worrying... Says the doc.

P.S. "LA's Totally Awesome" yellow laundry cleaner from the dollar store: awesome. Even at baby poop.

January 30, 2012

Yes, I did survive!

So with my little cutie girl being over two months old, I'm realizing that this blog has nearly been abandoned! I do apologize, but I don't really feel bad about it ;). The family has demanded (not really) that I keep our family blog updated with photos of my Little Miss... and I'll be perfectly honest, I haven't gotten too many "fabulous artsy shots". She doesn't (and never has) stayed still... the most wiggly newborn ever - the girl doesn't even SLEEP still!

I do NOT promise to start blogging more, but having the family blog pretty much caught up and her miraculously still napping, I figured I'd let you know that I did, in fact, survive labor - it was pretty awesome actually. Most of my pregnancy involved pain, and a WONDERFUL epidural gave me about 10 hours free of any pain!!

I will continue to kiss these cheeks...

...and maybe, someday, eventually, I'll blog here again (or do something new with the business end of this adventure). On a side note: the website was down for a bit, but is BACK UP!! I'd love to hear your opinions on the photos, which ones you like, even which ones you don't, and what you do and don't like about the site. Please be kind in your criticisms though!