October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

 So there's this fine group of ladies that encourages people ALL OVER to get together and take "Silly" photos. They have a blog, and a facebook page, and the pictures that are created are just fun. Most of them are group shots, but I haven't gotten hooked up completely with a group here yet... so when a fine young lady decided to do self-portraits... Day-of-the-Dead self portraits... I figured I'd play too. This is the result. One of the more comical ones at least.

I'm thinking about doing something similar to sit on the porch for Halloween and scare little kiddies before handing out giant pixie sticks. Yup, we're gonna be THAT house :).

As far as this week's 10% photo... we'll go with a fall photo for, well... fall, and The Rocker, for the chair I wish I had on my front porch :). Happy Halloween!!
(remember that this photo is 10% off... no matter what media you get it in... and it's available in all standard size photos, magnet sets, note cards, gift cards, gift tags, etc - ask and ye shall receive.)


October 19, 2010

Just Because

So I visit my blog to keep up with the blogs I follow... and it's been too long since I've had a fabulous photo up. So there one is. This pic has been on my mind lately... I'd forgotten I'd taken it until my sis mentioned it. (sisters are somehow just fabulous like that) and now it's stuck in my head :). So here it is. I made her a tote with this for her birthday, but it came out a little screwed up since I used a REALLY old sheet of transfer paper... so I forgot to take a picture of it. oops. (oh, and I gave her other stuff too... I'm not that mean)

My Etsy sales are a little down too (read: non-existent)... so just because... 10% off any item purchased with this photo. And if you think this sounds like a fun idea, I may even make a point of doing this weekly. Each week having a sale on a different photo. Comment if you like the idea... visit etsy/email me if you want the photo ;)

available as any standard size commercial print from wallet to 16x20, greeting cards (approx 5x7), note cards (approx 4x5), magnets, gift tags, tote (with new transfer paper ;-P), or high resolution prints up to 8x10. All prints up to 8x10 (commercial or high res) can be matted for up to 11x14 frame. matting will be included in the 10% off deal. If ordering via etsy, mention this blog post to receive a 10% rebate on applicable items, or convo me for a special listing.

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October 14, 2010

rain rain... why aren't you snow?

So the "Virginia Crud" is back again, and I'm back to wondering if I'm going to make it out alive. A dear friend of mine keeps pestering me saying I need out of this house... which makes sense since I've been sick basically since I moved in, but there's this little voice in my head saying "how are you going to know another house is any better? What if you really are just allergic to Virginia? Pete's fine."  And then the other little voice saying "are your allergy meds THAT important - miss a day or two, and then sick for 5? it doesn't make sense... but is it real anyway?" You'd think that if missing a day or two ruined me, that it would only take a day or two to get back on track. Unfortunately, that is apparently not the case. Who knew allergy meds were so finicky!

In any event, I decided my hacking was not conducive to handling small children's clothing, SO I "called out sick" from the Thrift Shop today - and discovered that the other volunteer's family has been apparently fighting the "Virginia Crud" for the past month too. Granted, they've only been nasty for a month, but they have lived here for 20+ years with no issue... so it gives me hope that there's something "bizarre" in the air outside this year.  She's saying we need a frost to kill whatever is out there - so rain, turn to snow! I like cold better anyway! Maybe I'm just that unlucky and all on my own got bronchitis and a cold and now another cold (should I really be HOPEFUL for that?). Either way - I finally scheduled an appointment to get a referral to have allergy tests done. Might as well find out for sure what my issues are.


October 13, 2010

Spaghetti Sauce

So today, I am making spaghetti sauce. Last time, I made it from fresh tomatoes, and hubby and I decided it was missing just... more seasoning. This time, I got a HUGE can of whole, peeled tomatoes from Sam's Club, and read up on how to make spaghetti sauce. And what I learned: add olive oil and as much seasoning as you want. You almost can't go overboard. So a handful of dried basil, a big handful of oregano, a small handful of ground up rosemary, 2 small onions, diced, and 3+ tbsp of minced garlic, a bunch of salt (that one you probably CAN go overboard on, but tomatoes need a lot of salt, so don't worry too much).

Hardest part? Cook FOREVER. Without the lid on is probably better - tomatoes are really juicy, and sauce isn't supposed to be. Why is this hard? You PROBABLY shouldn't leave the house while you have an active stove going. But it's a great thing to do if you're going to be baking bread on laundry day.  Yup... that's the hard part. And even the not flavorful enough sauce was delicious. Can't wait to try this batch :-D


October 6, 2010

Where are my pearls?

I have a wedding to go to... and had to get new shoes. (yay :-P)

So THESE fabulous beauties...are my new shoes.

Aren't they FABULOUS?!? 
So I decided I need to break them in a little... and what better way...

Than to vacuum.

Where are my pearls? :-P

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October 1, 2010

Mmmmmmm... beer cupcakes with alcohol frosting....

So I'm made cupcakes today. I had to ask a GROOM for help with his fiance's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette... and he would only comply with the promise of "Car Bomb Cupcakes" being delivered. I needed the guest-list help that bad! I love them both, but haven't quite been part of the "local watering hole" for the past... 4 years, so I was stuck. Car Bomb Cupcake Bribe to the rescue!

They smell delicious coming from the oven with hints of Guinness. The delectable taste of bailey's in the buttercreme... I'd recommend halving the batch unless you have lots of people to share with, as these are RICH, but YUMMY. And definitely get the special icing tip for filling cupcakes... I can't imagine doing it any other way - just make sure that you stop if you start to "pop" the cupcake, lol.  And make 1.5 times the icing recipe... maybe even double. Unless you want just a dollop on top, which might be a good idea when it's filled with ganache, but I went with "go big or go home" :-P

Photos first... then link to recipe.

The recipe is here: at Annie's Eats.