October 19, 2010

Just Because

So I visit my blog to keep up with the blogs I follow... and it's been too long since I've had a fabulous photo up. So there one is. This pic has been on my mind lately... I'd forgotten I'd taken it until my sis mentioned it. (sisters are somehow just fabulous like that) and now it's stuck in my head :). So here it is. I made her a tote with this for her birthday, but it came out a little screwed up since I used a REALLY old sheet of transfer paper... so I forgot to take a picture of it. oops. (oh, and I gave her other stuff too... I'm not that mean)

My Etsy sales are a little down too (read: non-existent)... so just because... 10% off any item purchased with this photo. And if you think this sounds like a fun idea, I may even make a point of doing this weekly. Each week having a sale on a different photo. Comment if you like the idea... visit etsy/email me if you want the photo ;)

available as any standard size commercial print from wallet to 16x20, greeting cards (approx 5x7), note cards (approx 4x5), magnets, gift tags, tote (with new transfer paper ;-P), or high resolution prints up to 8x10. All prints up to 8x10 (commercial or high res) can be matted for up to 11x14 frame. matting will be included in the 10% off deal. If ordering via etsy, mention this blog post to receive a 10% rebate on applicable items, or convo me for a special listing.

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Fidelio said...

This reminds me that I'm ready to order all the rest of the magnets I wanted. Must get on that today...