October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

 So there's this fine group of ladies that encourages people ALL OVER to get together and take "Silly" photos. They have a blog, and a facebook page, and the pictures that are created are just fun. Most of them are group shots, but I haven't gotten hooked up completely with a group here yet... so when a fine young lady decided to do self-portraits... Day-of-the-Dead self portraits... I figured I'd play too. This is the result. One of the more comical ones at least.

I'm thinking about doing something similar to sit on the porch for Halloween and scare little kiddies before handing out giant pixie sticks. Yup, we're gonna be THAT house :).

As far as this week's 10% photo... we'll go with a fall photo for, well... fall, and The Rocker, for the chair I wish I had on my front porch :). Happy Halloween!!
(remember that this photo is 10% off... no matter what media you get it in... and it's available in all standard size photos, magnet sets, note cards, gift cards, gift tags, etc - ask and ye shall receive.)