November 3, 2010


So while the "Crud" is gone for a bit, I'm working on getting back to running. I started the c25k (Couch to 5k) well, back in June... it's a 9 week program. I'm on week 4. Yup. Stupid Crud. July, half of September and all of October had to be "taken off" Oh well, enough griping.

See, the goal is this:

 But right now, I'm about here:

So I'm back at it again. Especially since I got these new guys yesterday :-D

One less excuse.

Any items on Etsy that use "Rocker"- be it an 8x10, or any other medium is still on sale for 10% off. Want 10% off on a different photo? Comment your favorite here, maybe it'll be next week's featured item ;).


1 comment:

Laurie J said...

haha, love the pics of the mag and the turtle! I can totally relate....I even bought those same shoes (in blue) when I began running. It's hard to keep up the habit!