November 17, 2010

This year, in review.

In making holiday schedules and future plans, etc, I realized we have TONS of stuff going on still before the year is up.

And being the analytical mind I am... I came up with these stats, that I had to share.

We will have traveled over 25 times this year.
5 of those trips were "short" - an hour and a half one way. 
(that means 20 were 5+ hours one way)
7 of those trips had multiple locations/events to attend.
9 of those trips were to My Home
3 of those trips were to Hubby's Home
1 of those trips was "Just for Us." It was 4 days long.
10 of those trips were to visit friends,  
5 of which were weddings.
15 trips were to visit family
there are only 52 weeks in a year!
It's a good thing we don't lease our car...



Robert said...

Now if we could get EVERYONE to get to your house at once - Hubby's family - your family and all the friends and newlyweds - THAT would be a party!

Betsy said...

it WOULD! What day shall we pick? lol!