November 19, 2010


I need me some inspiration.

And some motivation.

And probably some other forms of "ation" :-P

I need to put together a portfolio. I need to NAME all my art pieces (ugh). I need to get in the car early in the morning or mid-afternoon and take advantage of the "perfect light" and take more pictures, and I need to do it ALL THE TIME. I need to research some craft-fairs and either print up stock, or get stock printed. 

I need to JUMP IN and DO what I've been talking about for so long now.

I need to get over the fear of failing and just DO it. 

Can I get a boost of confidence on here?


Fidelio said...

One! Two! Three! Four!
Name your photos! Take some more!
Five! Six! Seven! Eight!
Hurry up! Don't hesitate!

Gooooooo BETSY!!!!
Gooooooo BETSY!!!!

I have more numbers, too, if you need them.

Betsy said...

You... are my favorite. I <3 u!!