November 29, 2010

Inspiration Part 3

It has begun.

My daddy-o is superfantastical, and is going to help me create a REAL LIVE WEBSITE to sell my pho-tos on :). One where all you need is paypal to order, as opposed to a) me keeping track of what photos are up and which are expired, and STUFF like that and b) you having to have an etsy password/login name to look at them :)

Now, superfantastical-ness takes time, so the site is not up yet, BUT... keep your eyes out for the "grand opening"

In the mean time, if you want any photos of mine, be they on Etsy or on this Blog or somewhere else you may have seen my artsie-ness... just give me a shout, and we'll pay-pal it up old-school style.

Christmas Berries
 - Photo of the week -
AKA, 10% off etsy prices, except ordered old-school style via e-mail at somethingbetsy @ gmail . com


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