November 15, 2010

Just a note: It's official.

 Yup, official.

Best bribery tool for Betsy: Lamb Chops. Nice, tender, medium rare lamb chops, with garlic and rosemary.

Just thought you'd like to know.

This week's 10% photo IS:

Is it hot in here?

There's a trick this time: message me on Etsy saying you want "Is it hot in here?" from the blog and what size(s) and medium(s), and I'll make you a listing. This will not be posted ON Etsy (yet at least). You can "remember" this for much later, and still order it... but it'll only be 10% off this week.

Perfect as a note card, customized as an invite for a BBQ. Sorry - but we can't share the recipe for these chickens... mmmm mmmmm good!

Like this maybe...
... just an idea :-P


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