October 14, 2010

rain rain... why aren't you snow?

So the "Virginia Crud" is back again, and I'm back to wondering if I'm going to make it out alive. A dear friend of mine keeps pestering me saying I need out of this house... which makes sense since I've been sick basically since I moved in, but there's this little voice in my head saying "how are you going to know another house is any better? What if you really are just allergic to Virginia? Pete's fine."  And then the other little voice saying "are your allergy meds THAT important - miss a day or two, and then sick for 5? it doesn't make sense... but is it real anyway?" You'd think that if missing a day or two ruined me, that it would only take a day or two to get back on track. Unfortunately, that is apparently not the case. Who knew allergy meds were so finicky!

In any event, I decided my hacking was not conducive to handling small children's clothing, SO I "called out sick" from the Thrift Shop today - and discovered that the other volunteer's family has been apparently fighting the "Virginia Crud" for the past month too. Granted, they've only been nasty for a month, but they have lived here for 20+ years with no issue... so it gives me hope that there's something "bizarre" in the air outside this year.  She's saying we need a frost to kill whatever is out there - so rain, turn to snow! I like cold better anyway! Maybe I'm just that unlucky and all on my own got bronchitis and a cold and now another cold (should I really be HOPEFUL for that?). Either way - I finally scheduled an appointment to get a referral to have allergy tests done. Might as well find out for sure what my issues are.



Fidelio said...

Alternatively, you could live at Kohl's. No one is allergic to Kohl's. Pete can bring you the mail and stuff every morning on his way to work. It's right on the way.

Betsy said...

allergy tests scheduled... RIGHT before turkey day. No meds for a week before hand. I'm going to be SO much fun.