January 31, 2012

"Finished" Nursery

A friend reminded me I never put up any "finished nursery photos" so I real quick took some shots of at least what it looks like now. I still hope to get my talented sister to paint some fairy's for her walls to add some color, but her "thumbprint tree" is hung (still needing more thumbprints of assorted family) and the bumper is up (she still doesn't sleep in here yet though). A few little bird houses on one wall, and her birdhouse nightlight on the other. The mattress won't STAY, but does come in handy the nights she doesn't want to go down easy (or stay down). The rocking chair was made by hand from some lovely maple by dear Hubby, and is SUPER comfy and GORGEOUS. The furniture was my older sisters, and then mine until we finally got "grown up furniture" for our room. And yes, if you've been reading along, the two drawers are still broken ;). And still could be fixed in the same amount of time it's taking me to write this blog. But I have decided that Hubby should be the one to fix it, and I'm not very good at nagging him ;).



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