September 7, 2011

I'm not dead... yet.

So I realized it's been a week since I posted (ok, over a week), and figured I'd ease all your fears by saying "I'm not dead!!"

I've gotten my booty moving on some projects, I just still haven't finished any.

I'm now 1/2 way through painting the crib... should have continued yesterday... and today... and didn't.  I've officially "given up" on the concept of ME refinishing the furniture, and am officially putting out the "if you'd like to earn some free eats, I've got 2 dressers you're welcome to refinish!" offer. So I guess... in a way... that's "finished" lol.

The bumper has had a LITTLE progress in that I've met with my friend, and we have a decent plan of action put together now at least. The quilt officially has a design, and I started making up pattern pieces for the applique today (whoo hoo!)

Got some $$ at the "In-Laws" baby shower (it's almost cool not living near family... you get multiple parties, all less overwhelming than 1 HUGE one!) and decided that Aunt Nonie would be happiest if she got me the REALLY cool port-a-crib with it. So I signed up for Amazon Mom's and ordered it. It will be here tomorrow :-D Which means the Port-a-Crib sheet can be started soon, followed by the burp cloths!

Hubby's Scarf has been started, and after sitting (parked) in traffic for 2.5 hours the other day, I was really kicking myself for not bringing it along. It could be almost finished now, lol! And the Hippo has come a little ways too... it just needs 1 ear, 4 legs, a tail and eyes.

Mom-in-law was kind enough to get me Thank You Cards that went with her shower invites... I just need to address and mail them... which reminds me that I forgot to pick up stamps while at the post office today. Dern it. Oh, and either cave and buy more to send to the "non-baby-shower-gift-givers" or... something. Maybe I'll have the rest of you wait until the Quilt is done ;).

Off to prep some homemade condensed cream of chicken soup and pie crust for my second attempt at Chicken Pot Pie today... Maybe I'll take pictures of my masterpiece when it's done...


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