August 26, 2010

Venting Space

I need a little venting space this morning so I can go be Christian.

I love my hubby, he did NOTHING wrong today, however... it's Life I'm mildly perturbed with at the moment. See, hubby doesn't always go to work at the same time in the morning. Sometimes it's 4am (yuck) and sometimes it's 10am (yay!) and sometimes, he wakes up, and decides he's gonna take another 1/2 hr or hr of sleep... just because? I dunno, I don't ask at 6:30 in the morning. And it's not important enough to wonder about later.  So last night, I decided I needed to get my sleep schedule back on track, so I was setting my alarm for 7am. 1/2 hour after hubby NORMALLY gets up to leave for work. So what happens? I take my Clariton last night, and at 12:30 in the morning, remember the "may cause sleeplessness" warning that had me taking it in the morning. Crap. Oh well, can't go back in time, I'll just wait it out. Well, at around 2, I finally got tired. And at some point, hubby decided he wasn't going to wake up until 7:30am... so when my alarm went off at 7, and I hit snooze, someone was there to give me a hug... and again at 7:09, so I asked "when are you getting up?" Response: "half hour." So I think... I'm gonna really annoy him if I let my alarm go off 4 more times before he gets up... I'll turn it off.  Meanwhile, my iPod had it's volume turned off last night so I wouldn't wake up hubby while I was poking at it waiting to get sleepy. So NO ALARMS for Betsy. 8:45, my "not enough water, wrong amount of sleep" headache is keeping my eyes closed and I realize that in 15 minutes, I'm supposed to be leaving the house to work the Thrift Shop. So I write this LONG status on Facebook, and realize that it's not enough venting for me (I'm always being accused of festering, when in reality it just takes me longer to vent, and if you let me finish it all goes away - if you stop me in the middle, I need to start over later) so I'm taking the extra 10 minutes and writing here. SO THERE!

So why is it, Life, that on the days I set my alarm, hubby sleeps in late, and the days I don't, he goes in to work on-time and I sleep late??

Off to be Christian with a Special K Protein Shake for breakfast, sore from yesterday's weight lifting session and run, with a "not enough water/sleep/something" headache.

Thank you for letting me vent.
I do not apologize for the length of this post. hahaha :)


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Robert said...

Welcome to married life!