May 10, 2010

Monday? Already?

While I did manage to get a "what's for dinner" up while we were out of town (that's how good I am to you people, I mean really. The dedication. And for who-knows what, because I'm 99% sure there are a number of you who are "followers" without being "followers" and read without commenting, but what's a girl to know!?!?! - OK, rant over) I don't have one ready today. Maybe later this week. I dunno. Last week was kind of lack-luster. I was having major mental meltdown thinking life was over numerous times. It wasn't by the way, but I definitely thought it was at LEAST twice last week.

(p.s. for those who DON'T know, we're moving... last week was "find the perfect house" week... and by perfect, I mean "the best house for rent on the market right now" and by week I mean "the one day we're scheduled to drive around town with a realtor")

But we found a great house, in what looks like a great neighborhood, and hopefully I can channel my excitement into prepping this house to be moved OUT of. P.S. If anyone out there is going to be around the last week of the month? we could TOTALLY use an extra set of hands to walk around with markers to accurately mark boxes and spend time with movers, making sure that none of our stuff goes into their pockets. So... if you're bored... there's a free lunch and some Gatorade/Crystal Light in it for you! Also, if you're in the area and DIDN'T get an Evite from me, it means I don't have your e-mail, and you should comment here so I can get/find it and invite you to our open house this Saturday.

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***** said...

oooo. very exciting! i can't wait to hear all about it. i am not happy about you leaving but am happy about your next adventure. the next neighbor i have has VERY big shoes to fill. you should leave them a memo letting them know of thier neighborly resposibilites: bringing treat samples, garbage day reminder notes, and checking in periodically to help the little ones with homework their mom doesn't understand.
i'll miss you madly and will help as much as i can.