May 21, 2010

Passing on the Love...

So I was recently awarded The Circle of Friends Award from my globe-trotting diva "NoelBell"

So here's the deal-i-o on getting this FAN-TABULOUS award :)

1st of all, thank your dear award giver (obviously), no "speech" required.

So THANK YOU NoelBell!!! I'm so happy and honored to have such a wonderful friend!

And then, since this is all about spreading the love, you've got three objectives.
1) Save the image above so you can upload it on your own blog without direct linking.
2) List 5 things you absolutely love to do
3) List 5 friendly bloggers, and comment on their blogs to let them know they've received an award!

1) CUDDLE WITH HUBBY - This one should just be obvious. I specifically love those perfect mornings where you're in the perfect position and desperately don't want to move. I love those moments most when it's a Saturday, and we really don't have to move.

2) COOK - Anyone who's been to my house probably knows this. I'm not one of those "nice" hosts, who tries recipes before subjecting visitors to them... fortunately, I do pretty well and haven't had to order pizza after dinner's "ready."  If you've read my blog, you probably could figure out this one too...

3) TAKE PHOTOS - I'm a photo-haulic. I love having photos and looking at photos. I have a fairly poor memory, and so Photos are my coping skill. A few years back, I realized I was taking more photos than doing things, and stopped taking as many... Now I'm trying to figure out how to do both, but on a nice day (or sometimes a nasty one) the idea of wandering around and being able to take pictures of the things most people miss makes me just giddy.

4) CREATE NEW THINGS - It's not just photos and food I like, I also love to knit and crochet and sew and paint and build and...

5) CHILL WITH MY 'PEEPS' - I love having visitors. I love that I have friends back "home" still who although I don't call (I like talking in person), still meet up with me to sit around and chat over coffee, ice cream, a movie (Disney's Animated Tarzan is my favorite "talk over it" movie - always in someone's living room though) every time I'm in town. I love randomly showing up at my neighbor's house and just chatting while she cleans the kitchen or cooks dinner (More often than not, I end up playing with her kids, or doing some dishes in the process too - which is always a million times better than doing my OWN dishes). And I LOVE when people "pass through" and come stay at my house, even if it's just to crash for a few hours before heading further down the road. Making time to CHILL with people is probably the best gift/best way to show that you love someone. mmmmm... I'm getting warm and fuzzies just THINKING about it!

And now... my awardee's, in no particular order...

1) Birdie, who writes Soldier's Lady - friend of a friend who is a fabulously entertaining writer. I love reading about her adventures every day. They're always fabulous. :)

2)Fidelio, who writes Midnight Radio. She's a FABULOUS lady, a WONDERFUL friend and I'm going to miss her when we move, but will continue to follow her blog, which, though sometimes sporadic, is insightful and fun at the same time. Plus, she's got a baby, a husband (ahem, 2nd child), and a kitty to run around after! Who has time to write then!?!?

3) Then "The Hussy" - the reason I started blogging. She writes in like, 50 thousand blogs, but I only follow two of them (I need time to write my own, right?) I'm going to nominate her for BLOG instead of her VLOG, because her VLOG already gets enough credit, and we're sharing love, right? :-P

4) A new blog I started following, and really need to get more involved with, but I love the idea, and it deserves a few extra peeks, so a little love to the author of Fifty-Two Times Etsy. And I'll try REALLY hard to be a weekly submitter or at least an every so often submitter!!

5) And finally, my old friend Yoda, who's just a great person, and somehow manages to find the most entertaining situations/people around, ALL THE TIME, and relays these stories for stalkers like me to enjoy in "As Heard by the Pattarazzi"

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