June 7, 2010

So... I missed a week...

Some of you may have noticed...
I missed a week (or two?) in there.

I have lost complete track of time, but since I last sat down to write, I've had 2 (or 3?) scheduled posts, 
took a 4 day trip to NJ, had movers in my house for 3 days packing all our lovely stuff up, movers in for another day putting it all on a truck, a weekend at a beach house with my hubsters (ok, not really, we spent the weekend priming and cleaning with me getting sick), A BBQ with my philipino Mama, then a run-around day resulting in our arrival in Virginia! Then we waited for the movers to drop off our stuff, 
and have been unpacking since, with a visit from my sister (the master-unpacker)

So as you may have guessed, I didn't have time (or internet)... but I'm back now and we only have 1.5 rooms to finish unpacking and then I can take a deep breath and say "OK, decorations" and once I've got THAT figured out... pictures :-D and visitors :-D

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