June 28, 2010

Adventures in a new house...

I've been waiting on new appliances for the kitchen since we moved in... and 2/3 of them are in today! whoo hoo!!  
THIS... is my old kitchen:

So I've got my BRAND NEW OVEN AND HOOD (SO happy they aren't "beige" anymore)

And our new refrigerator 

that actually holds stuff in the door!

Now to replace the nasty old broken dishwasher... 

hopefully the installers call me soon to set up a date/time...

(P.S. We didn't get new appliances cause the old ones were dated - the fridge didn't hold temperatures, the glass in the oven door was broken, and the dishwasher isn't level, and doesn't release soap, so I'm not THAT vain. lol.)

1 comment:

Bucket said...

my apartment has that oven and that dishwasher.
so far so good on mine though.