June 25, 2010

What's for Dinner? Margaritas :-P or in my case... rumiritas...

Alright people... it's hot out. I'm pretty sure it's hot EVERYWHERE, so I'm putting up my "I can keep all this in my house easily and not feel bad about it" recipe for margaritas. (P.S. I don't do tequila, so TECHNICALLY mine are "Lime Daiquiri's" but I like calling them rum-a-ritas instead. :)
This picture (and all of them today) are SO not mine.

For a pitcher:
1 container limeade concentrate
1/4 container of OJ (yes, orange juice)
1 container of tequila - these WILL knock you on your butt, but I was told they were delicious (I didn't have any, cause, duh? I used tequila)
Blend till smooth.
oh, these are obviously blended margaritas... If you like them on-the-rocks, definitely add some water in there.

For a glass (when you're a rum-a-rita lover in a margarita world)
(this I did on the rocks - the blender was taken)
And as always, I OBVIOUSLY measured everything SUPER accurately.

In a large glass (16 ouncer was my choice) fill 1/2 with ice
Add water till the glass is 3/4 full.
Add 2 tbsp of lime juice (aka, an ounce, aka, a shot-ish)
Add 1 tbsp of SUGAR (we've got lime JUICE here, not limeADE)
Splash of OJ (yup, the orange juice again)
And then add clear rum - a shot or two, depending on how hard you want to hit the floor :-P
Mix well - like, really well, and you may have to let it sit for a bit in between mixings so the sugar can settle before you mix it again. Option 2: use superfine sugar or a simple syrup. Or just mix a lot like I did.

Simple Syrup:
Can be useful when trying to sweeten cold beverages. It's super easy to make, and if you need to sweeten cold beverages often, time saving. It's just 1 part sugar to 1 part water, cooked until all the sugar has dissolved. Many people use those ketchup squirters you see at diners and stuff to save it in and use at-will. I don't use that much sweetener, so I don't do this - or own one of the squirters, but I can see its usefulness if I did. Or just put it in a creamer container on the counter. Hopefully your creamer has a lid...

Superfine Sugar:
Also fairly easy to make, even if it's SUPER expensive to buy. This I DO have a stash of in my cabinet, but I never remember when it would be useful. Just take regular sugar, and process it in your food processor (I used my mini-chopper, cause it's all I got - you could try it in a blender... I don't know if it would work though) Process until it starts to "smoke."  More than that, and you could end up with powdered sugar. The smaller bits of sugar dissolve easier in the cold water, but will measure "less" too. You probably shouldn't use superfine sugar where a recipe calls for "sugar" but it's great for sweetening drinks and in the occasional crazy gourmet recipe that wants the superfine :)



Fidelio said...

What if I don't have clear rum? Does that change the flavorita, or just the colorita?

Betsy said...

hahaha - it will change the flavorita a little bit, but if you like not-clear rum, it'll be yummy to you anyway!! :-D