May 11, 2010

Time to brag (again)

So I thought this week was going really slow
I didn't have any sales or hopes for sales last week on Etsy
and nothing so far this week... 
and then I got a message - 
"You've been chosen for a Treasury"

OK, it didn't really say that.  
But it should have, 
cause that's what it meant!

You can check the treasury out if you click HERE
but can you find my photo?  
(notice the ability to cheat? I'm so nice to you.)

So that's exciting. 

And I was asked by someone if they wanted to trade ACEO's with me (Art trading cards).
I don't collect, but someone wants one... 
...just not enough to spend $3.00 on it.

Possibly coming soon to Etsy are going to be 
Magnet ACEO's (Wallet sized photos for your fridge)
Wine Bottle Labels - Customizable
 Memory Card Games - Series Based, or choices by you
And of course... a new series.

But that's all going to have to wait until June.
Actually - I have most of the "May Flowers" memory card game finished... 
so lemme know if you want it :-P
The rest really has to wait.

1 comment:

Noelbelle said...

Thats because your goodies rock!

Also, I left you some love on my blog:)