September 14, 2010

Coupon for me? Coupon for YOU!**

So I stopped in Michael's today to exchange a broken paint pen... Hopefully the new one works, cause it was definitely an "off the books" exchange. Nice lady though :).

In any event, I had a coupon, so I went to do my normal supply shopping that I do whenever I get a good coupon from Michaels. WELL, their note-cards? WERE ON SALE! So I didn't feel bad AT ALL getting another size in stock :-P. All photos on are now ALSO available as NOTE cards - 4x5.5 (quarter fold size).

**And as a special "thank you" to those who read the blog (and to pass along my savings)... message me on Etsy with the photo you'd like, and the size card, and you'll get $2.00 off on a set of 10! All cards are signed and the title of the piece is written on the front.

Happy shopping!


P.S. If you don't want to join Etsy... but you want some cards... e-mail me ;)

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Fidelio said...

People whose roofs aren't leaking should update their blogs more often.