September 27, 2010

Fidelio, you have such power.

So it's been about 2 weeks since my last post. And APPARENTLY, I'm supposed to post more than that. So as opposed to leaving a long comment about why I haven't posted... I'll post about how I haven't posted... and then the clock can start over again :-P

Reasons I haven't posted:

1) Virginia is trying to kill me. Slowly. North Carolina had RIDICULOUS pollen issues - everything turned green, and yea, the throat would be a little scratchy, and you felt a little crummy... but I have since learned that the green dust from heck was far from an attempt at my life. Virginia... has no visible signs of allergens, however, it has caused an incredibly sore throat, unimaginable sinus congestion and sleepless nights due to me waking myself up coughing. I have drank approximately a gallon of fluids every day for the past week, and still... not much improvement. THIS... has lead to reason #2

2) Nothing creative has happened. No paintings have been done (I was supposed to re-start that today... oops), no photos have been taken or uploaded (or sold for that matter), dinner's have been lame and boring (last night was grilled bratwurst and mac and cheese... 1/2 grownup), and there has been much couch-sitting.

3) My current projects are all future gifts. Any creativity I've BEEN working on... is to be gifted. So I can't post about it. One gift is for next week... so you might get a picture then... if #4 resolves itself. The other is for a baby who's going to make his debut in January... so don't count on that one any time soon!

4) Miscellaneous excuses that Fidelio won't accept anyway: I lost my camera charger, so I can't take pictures even if I wanted to until I find it - both of them. No one has bought anything from my shop since I put up the new fall series... or since I put up the coupon - figured I'd let my "ad" run at top-space for a while yet, since this IS supposed to be support for the ETSY shop ;). AND no one ever comments (boo, hiss, poor me - pity party complete).

So there it is. Don't expect another post for a while ;)


oh, and the "coupon for you" deal is still good for a while, lol.


Elise said...

Oh joy, I can't wait to move to Virginia and be allergic to EVERYTHING. :/

How would you compare VA to the spring in Troy with all those little fluffies flying around?

Betsy said...

Ya know... allergies before were short little bursts of meh - or I'd take a sudafed, and be fine. The little fluffy things never bothered me. NC with the yellow filth was real bad the first year (for 5 days) and then the rest of the time, it wasn't bad until I decided to SWEEP it (p.s. never SWEEP visible pollen-HOSE IT OFF) Here, I don't KNOW what I'm allergic to, but EVERYONE has been miserable for the past week, and all the pollen counts are down. It's got me. I'm million times worse here than anywhere else though. It's like a super nasty cold - but all the time. Maybe you WON'T be allergic to it, since you don't like the fluffies :-P. (here's hoping at least!)

Robert said...

I'll comment more often, maybe. Hope you feel better soon.