September 9, 2010

MOVING!! (kinda...)

So we moved at the beginning of June to Virginia (this you know) and when the movers set everything up... I had them put the loft (and therefore my desk and studio) in the basement. The AC didn't work when we got here, and the room was pretty large, so I figured it would be a good spot to set up the craft-room (aka, studio). Well... 3 months later, I haven't painted ANYTHING (except for finishing that wine rack... in the garage), I've FORCED myself to ALMOST finish a few curtains, have knitted 1 thing (because the baby was coming whether or not I made those booties, and Casey needed them prior to the baby being born) and have been "using the stair master" for all the Etsy stuff I've shipped (three trips up and down two flights of stairs AT LEAST for each order).

Needless to say - the basement was not the prime location for a studio. There were no windows, and yes... it was cool, but I felt so... separated from everything. And not like a solitude, peace, and comfort kind of separated; but disconnected, imprisoned, and hermit kind of separated. SO... I've talked it over with Hubby, and as usual, he saw it coming before we moved in (why didn't he make a bigger deal of it then? Because I wouldn't have listened, that's why) and his "man cave" which we've called the office (because what kind of cave gets nice soft light as early as 7am and has fabulous evening light as the sun sets?), is officially moving to the basement.

Where real man-caves belong.

Plus, the "man cave" is a place for him to have his gear STREWN around the room without getting me mad :-P. And now he'll have more room to do it in. The only sad part, is I promised I wouldn't make him help me move the loft- which means the loft, and therefore my fabulous desk is now gear storage. Which will work well for him, and in exchange I get a closet. I'm not sure it's a truly fair exchange, especially since I've been banned from buying any more desks.  I do still GET a desk - the one that's already in the office (leftovers I tried to get rid of, had no good takers, and so came with us and got re-purposed). But I have an idea to use IT (and a trip to Lowes) to get me a HUGE desk and TONS of storage again in my soon-to-be-super new craft room.  *evil laugh*  He's gone all day tomorrow... as long as I get it done while he's gone, it'll all just flow into "craft room move" and he won't even notice that I have a new "desk" :-P.... right?



Fidelio said...

You make me want to buy new bookshelves and a better desk. And storage boxes.

Away, fiend.

Betsy said...

hahahaha. My trip to lowes probably isn't going to happen... maybe a few more plastic bins though... about 1/2 way there. Then there's the challenge of getting HIS stuff DOWN two flights of stairs...

Fidelio said...

Throw it.