December 28, 2010

I wasn't GONNA post today...

I've been trying to do really well at posting every Monday...  if for no other reason than to have a current "image of the week". And I was going to skip it this week, partially because Monday didn't feel like Monday, and partially because just posting image of the week posts is boring. My "excuse" was going to be that I've been working SO HARD on Mr. Website. (In fact, I used it in a comment on a friend's blog :-P) But, with the 15 minutes I have right now where there's not much else going on (not enough time to do a load of laundry - probably enough to fold the last one though, not time for lunch yet - just ate breakfast, not quite time to get ready for errands - hence the 15 minutes) I figured I'd write a post for you.

I HAVE been making some major progress on Mr. Website. All 300+ images have been titled, each one has it's own little boiler-plate description for the enlarged view, and everything has been loaded to the server. Now it's a matter of the details (read: writing the REST of the website, so you can SEE the pretty pictures). I had hoped to get a LITTLE more done during our Christmas Week Adventure, but... it didn't really happen, lol. It IS coming along. And, of course, with everything I check off the website to-do list, I think of some other cool feature/page that I "NEED" to put in. Still shooting for a mid-January launch... *crosses fingers*

For you excitable ones (and you know who you are ;-P)... here's a sneak peek of the home-page!

...and while we're at it, since this is my "Monday" post... the main image there will be this week's 10% Photo. It's called - Winter Getaway -

Not sure how my 10% Photo thing works? Shoot me an e-mail at somethingbetsy at gmail dot com and let me know what medium you'd like it in, and you'll get 10% off my regular prices. What are the options/prices? Check out my Etsy Shop :)


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