December 20, 2010

throwin it out there

Have I finished my Christmas cards yet? 
No... but I sent all but 10? of them out.

Have I finished my Christmas shopping yet? 
No... but I only have 1 more item to buy, and have till the 7th to do so.

Have I got my website all done? 
No... but I HAVE made a little progress.

I'll get ONE thing accomplished now though: this week's 10% photo. 
100% random, just like last week :)

- Glacial Waterfall -

You know the drill ;)


Fidelio said...

Yaknow, it WOULD have been nice to have this on in my magnet set. Was this a choice? How did I miss it? Are you surreptitiously trying to get more business by trotting out all these nice, as-yet-unseen photos?


Fidelio said...

Whoa. Didn't realize how, um, recent this post was. Sorry. Not stalking. You posted right before my "night time internets patrol."

Betsy said...

well, that WOULD be the point ;) And I <3 blogstalking. 100% A-O-K with it, hahaha. And I PROMISE, you'll go crazy when the site is up. We'll talk ;)