December 13, 2010

It's Monday!

Today was spent doing a bunch of things. 

First, I woke up to snow on the rooftops!!
 So I turned on the Christmas lights and took a snapshot. 
For posterity, ya know? :-P

Later on, I finally got to the local library to become a member and take out the first public library book since high school. Now, just to find time to read it before Friday for my new book club 0:-)

(You can't really click to see inside... I totally stole the photo from Amazon)

Then there was a trip to Walmart for "things I need until 'Christmas' starts on Saturday."  Followed by a visit to the Post Office to mail out a Christmas package and pick up stamps for the Christmas Cards. Then home again to wrap Christmas presents for hubby. The tree is looking REALLY festive now!
(too lazy at the moment to throw a picture up here. Sorry)

Needless to say hubby JUST said "looks like Christmas down there!" in reference to presents under the tree.

And, as it's Monday, it's time to reveal this week's special. This will work much better when my site is officially up and running, instead of pointing to Etsy, but Christmas has taken over for now, so not much progress has been made in the past week :-P. 

This week, I'm pulling a photo at random, and it is...

- Wedding Whites -

If you're interested, check out the Etsy site for prices and mediums, 
but shoot me an e-mail at somethingbetsy @ gmail {dot} com
and get 10% off!

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