July 21, 2011

Bean's First Thrift Store Pull

So... we have good news :-P But instead of TELLING you, I'm gonna post this picture.

What's here? $14 worth of clothing at my favorite thrift shop EVER. Bean's first bit of wardrobe too...


Newborn: (9)
1 Red Sweater
4 kimono shirts
1 knit hoodie
2 comfy pants
1 pant/jacket set

0-3 months: (30)
1 fleece snow suit
1 pair jeans
6 comfy pants
6 Sleep gowns
4 long sleeved onesies
1 short sleeved onesie
1 velore dress
4 terry jumpers
2 knit jumpers
1 christmas velore jumper
1 fleece jumper
1 fancy dress and diaper cover
1 knit hoodie

3-6 months: (10)
1 white light sweater
1 diaper cover
1 terry jumper
2 long sleeved onesie
1 short sleeve navy onesie
2 comfy pants
2 knit hoodie

6-9 months: (11)
1 romper
1 short sleeve onesie
1 long sleeve onesie
1 sweater
1 fleece top
1 fleece vest
1 fleece comfy pant
3 jeans
1 fleece jacket

9-12 months: (2)
1 long sleeved onesie
1 fleece top

12+: (1)
1 24 month tank

Can you guess our good news? :-P (other than that I'm a FABULOUS thrift shopper?)



Fidelio said...

Oh thank GOD. Because I wanted to buy you this, but didn't know if it would be...right...


Betsy said...

extra funny? That's actually on my registry. As forced by my mother. Granted, I didn't take it off when I got home either, but still... on my registry, lol.

Fidelio said...

Oh, she's so right, though. You'll want it if you don't have it. I swear.

Ranjani said...

yay for baby girls!!