July 14, 2011

This isn't a photo blog anymore... is it?

I just found the cutest project EVER that I NEED for Bean's room. (I actually found an Etsy post, but since I plan on making a tutorial, I'll show you the pattern I plan on using instead - this will be altered slightly) But I ain't spending the dough on having one made when I can make it myself!

Stinkin adorable, right?

I told myself I had to clean before I could make one (and then alter it so they have wings too)... so now I'm scouring the internet for other cute handmade things to make Bean - because I don't want to clean.

**tearing myself away from the computer to do dishes, tidy and vacuum... so I can go sew (and show you my version!!)**



pixbykc said...

Just post photos of your project and it becomes a photo blog once again :)

Vanessa said...

That bottom bird just doesn't look right... :)