July 20, 2011

My Lunch :-D

Well, I've discovered one good thing about not being "allowed" to eat cold meat: hot sandwiches.

Like this "cheese steak" I made with a bit of leftover onion in the fridge (cooked up first - I attempted to caramelize them, but was too hungry to wait... so sauteed), scissor cut roast beef from the deli (added to onions till pipin' hot!) and some cheddar cheese (melted and mixed in with the hot beef and onions) served on a fancy roll from my deli that's just stinkin delicious (toasted up whole in the toaster oven while cooking filling) and topped with ketchup... cause... that's how I eat my cheese steaks.

Needless to say... I didn't have an early dinner 0:-P AND I finally have an original photo posted that I actually like :-P. Used natural light and everything. And no edits!! whoot woot!

So maybe this hot-cold-cut thing isn't all bad...


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