August 4, 2011

Bean's NEW room decor. For real this time.

So I've posted on here before about what I plan on doing for Bean's room.

Forget it all.

I found this quilt on Pinterest and fell in love. Like, majorly in love. Like, had nearly bought all the pink and aqua flannel for making a pieced quilt and bumper, and changed my mind completely fell in love.

 After much more struggling with "what to do" since I ALSO fell in major love with THIS fabric:

I've finally decided what to do. And it's gonna take me a bit... so I feel like I should post the PLAN before I post the PRODUCT.

SO: I'm going to use that tree quilt above as an "inspiration" for the front panel of a bumper. This means I will be learning not only how to quilt, but applique. Yuppers. Go big or go home friends! If that ends up working out... then we'll talk quilt. I'm not promising myself anything in the meantime, lol.

THEN, to add to that, I've decided that Aqua will be my "accent color" in the room. And by Aqua, I mean something similar to Glidden's True Turquoise or Walmart Brand's Pacific Monterey Bay or Bermuda Blue (which I can't find a link to... but that's probably because it's a) Walmart and b) a paint chip.) or in yarn options: Red Heart Turqua (turquoise and aqua?)

or Peaches & Creme Bright aqua

I know... you're thinking: those two yarns (cause paint chips don't get jpeg's apparently...) aren't the same color!  I know. I was so persnickity (such a good word) about the color of my bridesmaid dresses when I got married, I never fully recovered from getting "the perfect color" as a gift in almost every gadget known to man. I'm determined to be more flexible this time :-P. This time around, I'm going with "Aqua: aka, the girly blue" and leaving it at that :-P. But since "Aqua" is one of those "could go green" colors when you TALK about it... I stopped at the paint and yarn department at Walmart while running errands today. I think it was a pretty snappy idea!

And what will I do with that FABULOUS bird fabric? Play-pen crib sheet + swaddling cloth/burp rag. I love it, so I should get to see it all the time, right?!? Plus, a play pen, swaddling cloth and burp rag are all things that OTHER people see... and that pattern is "girlier" than "the girly blue" - which may reduce the number of "you're son is so handsome!" comments that will inevitably happen.

NOW: to pick out the particular fabrics that will become those sweet little leaves and trunk on that quilt... tomorrow... maybe... :-P


Laura said...

Cute stuff!

And so funny - I"m making an (ambitious) gift for my sis for xmas - a tree applique quilt! This one is going to be all 4 seasons in one tree, transitioning from one to the next. Kind of crazy.

Keep us posted on yours, and I'll do the same for mine :)

Vanessa said...

You could be one of those moms that doesn't tell people what the sex of their kid it... until they're like five.

On second thought, please don't be like that. :-p

Very cute ideas. I like.

Betsy said...

Laura: Thanks! I know I e-mailed you, but in case you check back... you can feel loved here too :-P

Van! Yea... it's a girl. lol. She will know, as will EVERYONE else ;). Now... to figure out how to DO it 0:-P