August 23, 2011

I haven't abandoned you... I'm just a poor multi-tasker

So I haven't abandoned my blog here... I just haven't written in a long time. I have like, 6 projects (not an exact figure) going all at once right now, so obviously... none are completed ;). And who really wants to see a half-finished project?  Granted, there are about 4 (off the top of my head) posts I COULD do, but 2 require taking pictures... of me... which means I'd have to get myself looking decent. Which is why they aren't up already. I'll get to them... I swear... once all my half-finished projects are done.

I can share TWO little things with you though today!
(that brings my "top of the head post" count down to 2 though... sorry)

1) remember that old post about how I fell in love with raspberry snapple and just want to drink it ALL THE TIME, and so I made some??!? OK, well... I said I'd try making it again, and I haven't. When I want a snapple... I want a snapple NOW - not tomorrow like if you make the "real stuff". BUT, yesterday I had a hankering, and found THIS easy fix for my Snapple craving:

1 package Decaffinated (because that's just better for me) Crystal Light Iced Tea Lemon (made per directions) + 2 tbsp Raspberry Sauce = decent imitation that got me through last night.

(like my awful "pictures copied into paint" equation? fabulous... right?)

OK, so it's closer to Diet Snapple...  but that's just cause I couldn't find real sugar syrup when I found the Raspberry at the store, and Crystal Light is the go-to beverage cabinet for I'm not sure what reason.

There's fun thing #1

Fun thing #2 is that I have been addicted to Pinterest lately... and saw this cute little onesie that had embroidered flowers on it. And I thought to myself "I have no idea how to embroider... but I can do that!!" So I played with a onesie last night, and Embroidered 5 little flowers on it... and it's super cute. Here's a photo (from my phone, cause I'm doin REAL good with the "nice photos" today - can you tell?). It wasn't that hard either. The pink flowers are "lazy Daisy's", the blue are "stem stitch" in spirals, the orange one is... I'm sure there's a "name" for that stitch... but I have no idea what it would be. I found this cool website with all sorts of VIDEO's on how to sew stitches... which is what got me going. It probably took me about 2 hours to embroider it, and it could have been neater (and I could have put some tear-away or wash-away interfacing on the back... but I didn't).

So that was my most recent "quick project" so I could feel like I actually accomplished something :-P Now... off to do steps 7, 3, 5, 2 and 8 of my ongoing projects ;)


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