August 3, 2011

Might need to cloister myself soon...

I've been having a FABULOUS time lately. Trips to the pool, invites to jewelry parties and clothing parties and baby showers and having visitors! It's really been great! BUT, I'm falling behind on my crafty-ness!! (and therefore, my blogging). I really need to finish up a few more "Maternity Refashions" on pants (I THINK I might have figured out what type of waist-band will make me happy), fix a dress, and take photos of me in all the STUFF I've made (and have been wearing about lately). I definitely need another bottom or two, since only 2 of the ones I have are actually comfortable - I spend a lot of time in PJ's...

Hubby has also been pestering me since I haven't played with my "ruffler foot" that he got me for my birthday - so a new peasant skirt is in order there... I just need to dig out/buy fabric for it... something tells me my giant pile of knit isn't going to work as well on that... hmmmmm.

But now, it's time for fun-stuff, including an ACTUAL HAIR DO today! (I know... crazy for those who actually know me to think I'd go out in anything other than a fold-ed over pony-tail bun, a pony-tail, or a "fun bun" as I call it (That rat's nest that sits so cutely on my head).  I actually did my hair yesterday too!! (and photographed for proof)

 ( Quick self-shots in the mirror - not half bad!)

It was a quick twist-and-braid. I took strands from the side of my face and twisted them (then temporarily clipping the twisted strand to my head to do the other side) and combined them as the "center" of a regular braid. I think it looks pretty good! Definitely a step up from a ponytail. Not fabulous for lounging in recliners... about 2 hours into the baby shower I was headed to, I could FEEL the mass-of-fuzz and it went into a folded pony 0:-P.  Trying a "twist-and-pin" take on a french twist I found on a blog yesterday... we'll see how this goes...

Off to not be craft and EAT! :-P


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