January 27, 2011

Getting all Technical

I remember back in 5th grade being a PRO with computers. I was still smarter than them then... not so much anymore, but I can almost keep up ;). 

I figure that with a new business, comes advertising - which anyone who follows this blog, has noticed that it's become the main focus here recently.  It's been a bit more Just a Little Something Betsy DOT COM than actual somethings Betsy, and I'm honestly a little sorry about that. There HAVE been a few "other" things I've done that would warrant posting recently... but when I sit down at the computer - it's dot com time. That said, it drives me nuts when people promo their businesses ALL THE TIME. Once in a while - OK, that's cool. Once a day? Thank you no. It's part of the reason I don't post EVERY blog update on Facebook, and why I've been extra delinquent at posting all the time here. I THINK I'm still getting around one a week...

Knowing all this, I still need to get to people who don't already know me. I mean... can you really call it a successful business if the only people who buy your stuff are somehow related to you? So I've started a Facebook page for SomethingBetsy. I'm hoping that it'll give me a bit more exposure... that you'll all find it and click on it and that your friends will say "hmm... what is that?" and find it, and like it, and click on it too!

 (Hint, the profile picture is currently this one)

This is a pretty big deal for me actually. Not QUITE as big as finishing the site... or getting it on-line and running... or my first sale (whoo hoo! even if she almost counts as "related to me" at this point)... but still a pretty big deal. I invited all my Facebook friends (warning: I'm very particular about who can be my friend on Facebook, so don't be offended if you aren't... it doesn't mean I don't like you) so that anyone who doesn't want to be bombarded with SomethingBetsy related Facebook status' doesn't have to be :). Which is why it's such a big deal. I'm letting myself be that daily advertiser. I'm hoping that the 160 characters or less update urge will be a motivator to DO something every day - this is, after all, my new job. ;)


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