January 20, 2011

Silly Fed Ex.

So Hubby got me a new camera for Christmas... only it hasn't arrived yet. First, Amazon sent it to an old address. Two addresses ago to be exact. How they decided that was a good idea, I have no clue. Once we discovered this there was the "aaaaaaah!" attempt to redirect the camera. UPS wouldn't do it, the store that sent it wouldn't do it (even though UPS hadn't picked it up yet) and Amazon had to be called twice before we could convince them that it really was in their best interest to put a delivery stop on it. *whew* So it got 3/4 of the way to the wrong destination before everything got figured out, then went back to Amazon, and we got a refund. THEN we got to order it again (shortly before the prices jumped up! glad we missed that boat). Now, Fed Ex is delivering it (to the right address at least, but I'm not sure why they switched carriers). They stopped by the house yesterday at 11am. I was at the gym - being tortured, but that's another story. When I got home, I called Fed Ex and said "Hi, I wasn't home today at 11, and I won't be home tomorrow either until 2pm and I won't be home at 11am on Friday either. Can you have them come by sometime after 2 tomorrow?" I was told I'd be called as to whether or not that was possible. Well, apparently, it wasn't possible... and I wasn't called. Today, they came by at 9:45 - 30 minutes after I left the house, almost exactly. Super. I left a note, with a signature, saying they could leave it and that I'd be home around 2. This is after they were TOLD I wouldn't be home till 2 by the lady I called. Did it matter? NO. So we called again - "Hi. We missed the delivery again... can we go pick it up somewhere?" Basic answer: no. There are 4 Fed Ex Authorized dealers within 3 miles of our house... but Fed Ex can ONLY let us pick up the package AFTER we place it on a hold, and we have to drive 20 miles south to do so. Seriously? That means at the EARLIEST Monday - for a package that was supposed to come on Wednesday. Fortunately, hubby (who is also very concerned about this delivery) can be home in the morning when I can't, so hopefully the 3rd time's the charm while we "tag team" listening for our VERY quiet doorbell...


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