January 18, 2011

it iced :-P

it iced last night. And today is going exceedingly well. Hubby scraped all the ice off my car (so I'd have no excuse to go check out -and possibly sign up for- the gym around the corner), so that was awesome. AND, everything is covered in frozen wonderfulness (which I can say, since they salted the roads). Everything is sparkly and shiny and glazed (and slippery) and I'm all giddy, because I got to roam around my backyard taking pictures of icy things :-D. So I figured I'd share my favorites from this morning while my hands got their feeling back around a nice latte :)

 **soon to be available on www.somethingbetsy.com... when it publishes.**


1 comment:

Fidelio said...

Ooooooooh these are gor-juss!!!! I like much. When I decorate my Pottery-Barn house, with its classy interior and comforting layout, I'll do like an ice theme in the bar/lounge.