April 4, 2011

Monday Monday!

 No one played with me this week. 
Not even ONE suggestion! 

Good thing I don't give up easily. You can play this week instead :)

So this week's image was chosen from ALL the images on my website at random via random.org in 2 rounds: once for the gallery, the second for the image number. And... Ta da!!! It's 7-9... Sunset Pier :) (and no, I didn't include the screen shots from random.org this time... but you can trust me.)

Now... to play this week (and in future weeks)... go over to my website, and peruse the galleries. Pick a photo you like, and put the image number (example, 7-9) in a comment here, or on my facebook page as a comment on the blog post status update. You can pick AS MANY PHOTOS as you'd like. You can only vote once for each photo each week (but you CAN get friends to enter the same photo as you :-P). Also, a photo can only be showcased once every 4 weeks... I'll take all eligible entries, assign each a number, and use random.org to choose which one is 10% off next week!

While you can't vote for a photo more than once a week... you can vote for the same photo every week if you want... just make sure to check back in the next week to see if you're photo got picked so you can snag up the goods 10% off!
This image's discount has been removed. Check out this week's Monday Monday for the current discounted photograph!


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Hmmm for some reason only half the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still same.