April 7, 2011

Thing Thursday

Have you noticed the time stamps on my posts this week? It is painfully obvious that I haven't SCHEDULED any posts? :-P. Will you love me anyway?

I was a little stuck on Thing Thursday until I started giving reasons as to why I was stuck. And then the GENIUS in me went "hey, chica! YOU BOUGHT A CAR!". Oh! That's right!  I gots a new car!  Now, most of you probably (don't) know that I had a Convertible Bug before...

But it's warranty was up, and VW's are EXPENSIVE to fix. We had planned on selling it this month or next (just in time for graduations) when I brought it in to the shop for a recall repair, an oil change, and to find out why the engine light kept coming on. Needless to say, the $600+ dollars required to turn off the engine light... significantly helped the decision to buy THAT DAY instead of a few weeks later.

I tried out the GMC Terrain and the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, and we went with the Sport. I like it... it has a SMALLER turning radius than the bug, but has a back seat that an adult could fit in (which means I can participate in car-pools now, not just mooch), and a trunk that actually fits all my groceries!! It also came with a FABULOUS warranty... so we'll be all set for the "why did THAT break?" moments for the next 10 years. Yup, 10.

Yes, I was sad to get rid of the bug. Yes, I cried. (Yes, hubby laughed at me for mourning a car). But this new one is growing on me. I was bummed Monday (when I got that sunburn) that I couldn't put my roof down (maybe it's a good thing the roof won't go down on this one...), but something about being tall enough to see over other car's hoods, and thereby being able to safely make rights on red so the cars behind me don't honk because I'm waiting for the arrow? made it easier to swallow. Plus... it's still a super cute small (looking) car. With 4WD :-P.

I really enjoyed my facebook status when I got home too: Bought a new car today. Who wants to buy some photos?!!? :-P

Made me giggle. 


P.S. Aren't you glad I decided to write about my CAR today, instead of the RIDICULOUSNESS that is going on in politics? Good, me too... cause I'm FUMING about it and would DEFINITELY say something I'd regret. I've already halted myself from spouting 3 or 4 times today. *shakes head*

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