April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (NOT) - Renewal

 To be honest, I'm a little glad that Easter is almost here... and not because of the joyfulness of Easter and the reminder of what it means... but because Lent will be over. This is probably part of the reason Lent isn't 30 days (which passed a few days ago, which I know because my flossers ran out, and it's a 30 pack I opened on Ash Wednesday). It's 40 days. You get tired of it... but it's not done yet. And you SO can't complain, because 40 days without some luxury is nowhere NEAR as bad as starving in the desert or assisting in your own crucifixion. Thanks Jesus. I'm REALLY glad you don't require either of those of me. (Not kidding here)

So, because Lent ISN'T over... you can count on at least a few more regularly scheduled themed posts... because I gave up lazyness for lent, and thereby am not allowed to think up (read: utilize) any of the multitude of reasons for NOT doing something I should. On a good note, I have flossed my teeth EVERY NIGHT (ok, I missed ONE), and written a blog post every weekday. I've done slightly poorer on the working out every day, and completing all my "to-do" items (in actuality... I stopped keeping a to-do list... so that could go one way or the other on the success scale, but I'd say that it's "lazier" than not). However, there have been many times I've said "you're just being lazy" and kicked myself in the butt. It's gotten less and less the further we get from Ash Wednesday... but I'm trying.

So since I have another project that is supposed to be this week's Thing Thursday (which means I need to get on it, since it's half done and is supposed to be posted tomorrow...) This is my "Wordless Wednesday"... obviously, with words ;).


and then, she {snapped}


Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

I only wish I could give up laziness. Maybe that's my laziness talking! haha ;)

rachel said...