April 11, 2011

Monday Monday!

Who hasn't forgotten that it's Monday?

Who's STILL playing this game "old school"?
This girl :(

Play with me this week! I mean, if your photo gets picked... you get 10%! Or bragging rights if you don't actually wanna buy it.

So this week, Random.org has chosen 4-34, Autumn Leaves!

To play with me, any time this week, go to www.somethingbetsy.com and stare at all the pretty pictures. Then come back here, and comment with the image number (or numbers) you like most! I'll write all the suckers down (you don't have to make separate comments) and assign each a number. Then... I'll use Random.com to choose one for next week's Monday Monday! Come back next week to see if one of your images made the cut!  

Fine print: Each person can only submit each image ONCE. BUT, you can pick as many images as you like, and you can definitely send your friends over to comment "for" you. The only other stipulation: the image cannot have been featured for the past 4 weeks. Now... comment away!

**This episode of "Monday Monday" has expired... but check out this week's for a current deal!**


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