April 27, 2011

Checking In

I ran away for a bit... did you miss me? I had a fabulous Holy Week, and although I didn't note it on Monday, last week's deal will continue this week. ONE person played!! Wanna play too?!?! :-P See my last post ;).

I've been feeling the effects of spring (read: sudden summer) and while there is not NEARLY as much pollen here as there was in NC, it's still sticky in the air and makes my head pound.

I think I will continue to take this week off, but I'll be back next week... get in on the sale game by commenting on last Monday's post (the one right below this one)... and hopefully I'll do enough fun things in the next few days that I'll have something entertaining to share all next week ;)

**off to bask in "spring break"... what, all the other kids here are doing it! :-P**


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