May 2, 2011

Monday Monday!

Thanks Debbie for playing!!

This was Debbie's favorite picture last week... and so it's this week's deal!
Do YOU want to play this week? Go to and check out the galleries to leave a comment here with the image number of YOUR favorite photo (or favorites!). Next Monday, I'll use to select a photo from those in the comment section of this post for the next deal!

Fine print: Each person can only submit each image ONCE. BUT, you can pick as many images as you like, and you can definitely send your friends over to comment "for" you. The only other stipulation: the image cannot have been featured for the past 4 weeks. Now... comment away!

Debbie chose image 2-20, Seashells for Rent

These buttons will add this week's image to a shopping cart... which means there is no limit to the quantity/type!  You can also shop from the website to the same shopping cart (only pay shipping once!). So shop away, or make sure to check back next Monday for a different random sale!

**This deal is over... check out this week's deal instead!!**
These buttons will be moved to a new Monday Monday post when it comes out (next Monday silly). Only purchases made from THESE buttons will have the discount. I check and fill all orders before moving the buttons, but feel free to add in the notes to seller which photo you're expecting if you'd like.  All purchases from will be full price, even if this image is selected.Oh, and you have to be ON the blog to click the button... sorry Reader readers :-P.


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