May 19, 2011

Thing Thursday - A Happy little package :-D

So you may have noticed my consistency of blogging has been a little off. And there hasn't been great recipes in "Food Friday" when it's made it's appearance... and I've mentioned fun projects on Facebook, but not shown them here... and that would be because I've been carrying around a little secret for a while. BUT, this little secret is not as little as it was anymore...

That little "Bean" has forced me into **Gasp!** Maternity Clothes! (probably this soon because I didn't lose the intended 20 lbs before the little life made it's appearance in this world) And so it's about time to give up the secret part so I can share things again ;)

So on a good note, I've begun feeling a bit better (knocks on wood)! And on another good note, I'll be posting up some cool clothes I've made and will be making to fit my growing belly! But I'm still not sure when "Food Friday" will be back... there WILL be one this week though. I'm gonna write it in a minute and schedule the post too, so I won't be lying to you ;).

As a side note of randomness: the smart-water bottles, filled to about 1/2 inch below the end of the domed top... makes a pretty good tornado bottle. Told ya: random.



Laura said...

Congrats again! Are you planning on finding out the gender?

Ranjani said...

Congratulations!! What exciting news!

Betsy said...

@Laura: Thanks! And to answer your question... yes and no ;). WE'LL find out the gender, but no one else does :-P

@Ranjani: Thank you!! We're so happy!!