May 6, 2011

I missed Thing Thursday. Food Friday instead

Oops! I missed Thing Thursday!! I even had stuff I could have posted. My new, super comfy skirt... or the (not so exciting) black out curtains. Or the guest-room black out curtains that still haven't been hung... even though we have people sleeping in that room tomorrow. 

I think I'll stick with having skipped Thing Thursday and instead do a really lame Food Friday. Because I discovered something recently...

Peanut Butter/Nutella Sandwiches? Are delicious. You should make one. And since Nutella is apparently just as healthy as peanut butter... it can TOTALLY be considered healthy. At least... that's what I'm going with.

(not my picture, click for source link)



Fidelio said...
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Fidelio said...

Now please do a post on cinnamon bread, so we have something upon which to spread our PB&N.