May 3, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday - Head Swap!

Did you notice that I didn't schedule today's post again? :-P... Oh well. I almost decided to say "screw it" to "Touch Up Tuesday" and complain write about something else, but instead, I'll show my latest... well, touch up. An example of the infamous head-swap. Now, I don't have the latest and greatest photo editing software, so I can't just click and fix like on the TV commercials (I say this so you know I had to work at it, lol) but I still get pretty good results. I can't link this one this week though, because I didn't take these photos... I just fixed them for my Aunt :)

Anyway, she had these two shots:

Obviously, the ideal shot is where EVERYONE is looking at the camera... so with the magic of the computer (a little copy/paste, a little eraser tool, a little fine tuning of levels) and we have....

Ta da!! Anyone else have the chance to swap some heads recently? heeheehee.

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I've gotten 2 remarks from people that they can't comment, and am trying to figure out what's up. I changed a setting today, so we'll see if that helps :)



Betsy said...

It worked for me... but it's my blog ;). It SHOULD bring you to a different page... apparently that's the comment option with the least bugs.

Megan said...

It seems as though I can comment :)....and I switch heads all the time, it makes me giggle every time I do it!

Laura said...

I can comment now!

Vanessa said...