May 10, 2011

Thing Tuesday?

In our neighborhood (whether it's allowed or not, being part of a Home Owner's Association), we get a lot of solicitors. People selling meat out of the back of a pickup truck (3 last year), selling bug-maintenance memberships, savings cards, coupon books, driveway seals... it's a little ridiculous. It drove me NUTS all last summer, and yesterday, the first of the season came by. It's begun. So once he was gone, I immediately went to the garage, grabbed a hunk of scrap wood, painted it, drilled some holes and hung it on the front door with some fishing line.

This WELCOME sign was not my first plan of action. I considered following through with last year's idea of a mail-slot with a "Solicitors will be shot" sign underneath and placing the (unloaded) shotgun in the front hallway so that I could peek the end out, and if the person then announced who they were (and I knew them), I'd open. Otherwise, they'd hopefully run away. That's a little excessive, but that's how many people came by last year!

I tried to tone it down a bit, and the signs I came up with before this one were:

"No Solicitors. I'm poor, but I still have a shotgun"

"No Solicitors. Yes, that means you." 

"No Solicitors. I have my own Girl Scout" 

"No Solicitors. I won't buy it anyway". 

Obviously, I went with none of them :) And the look on hubby's face when he came home to the "Welcome" sign with fine print below... was priceless. HOPEFULLY, I won't get any doorbell rings. And if I do, this year... I'm pointing to the sign, and closing the door.


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