May 26, 2011

Thing Thursday - Decision Deals

So I've been working on this baby registry thing. Part of me had decided I shouldn't really mess with it till the wee one was 24 weeks along... but as opposed to waiting ANOTHER 10 weeks, and possibly having it be a "job" then... I figured I'd play around and register for stuff as it popped into my head when I felt like it. You know... spread the joy (and the pain).

A while back, I found a Baby Bjorn Carrier at the Thrift Shop... marked for $5.00 (WHAT?!?!) Needless to say, I was not pregnant and didn't CARE! I was bringing that puppy HOME!  And when I went back a week later, THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE! I'm not sure what the cause for the run on Baby Bjorn Carriers was... but I was TOTALLY cashing in on it! So one carrier went "on loan" to my then-pregnant friend to try with her bundle when he arrived, and the other stayed tucked in the "spare room" closet... waiting for it to become the "future nursery" (they're good to different weight limits, so heck yea they're both "staying mine!")

When Hubby first saw it though, the following conversation ensued:

Hubby: I'm not wearing that.
Me: OK, well... what would YOU want in a baby carrier?
Hubby: Well... can I wear that one on my back?
Me: Not that I know of...
Hubby: Well I'd only wear it on my back.
Me: When WOULD you wear one? Should I really look for a hiking one for you?
Hubby: I might be able to handle that.
Me: Would you want a soft one, or one that had metal supports... like your backpacking backpack?
Hubby: Metal sounds good.

Ok, so with a "Back. Metal. Good." male mindset, I scoured the internet... what were the good reviews, what might he use, what would work for US???  And I picked out like, 5. Ok... so now which one do I GET (aka, register for)?!?!

And then... today at the Thrift Shop.... a Kelty Kids Back Country, self supporting, sun shading, big, blue backpack staring at me for... wait for it... $7.00!! I looked online at what the NEW Kelty would cost if I had gone with it... $250.00.

Thank you, Thrift Shop, for making that decision for me! (I'm fairly sure there was a little help from The Big Man involved too, so thank You too!)

I told Hubby I got him a present when he got home today. He didn't seem that excited at first when he saw it... and then the wheels started turning "We can take that, like, CAMPING. It can be our "outdoor high chair"... I can load stuff up under the kid's butt and we can REALLY camp!"

Yes Daddy. We can ;).



Keeper of Thy Home said...

Awesome finds! I need to come visit your thrift shop!!! I've found some great deals but nothing that awesome. And yes, you absolutely can take your kids camping/hiking. We do it all the time and they LOVE it!

Betsy said...

right!?! There aren't AWESOME finds like that all the time... but often enough for me! 3 (expensive) baby carriers in 7 months though... Good thing I work there... I'd never go every week on my own and the good stuff definitely gets picked up quick!

Vanessa said...

Awww, that's cute :)
There are some smaller ones at Target too. In the camping section. I saw them randomly and thought that they would be awesome... like 5 years from now. Haha :)