June 29, 2011


Well, you MAY have noticed that I haven't been around this week, seeing as I didn't put a new deal up Monday. (no worries, I'm just gonna leave 10% off EVERYTHING up a bit longer... like, until I decide to do something different, longer)

I'm ALSO going to say that I won't be around for a bit either. I'm takin me a blog-cation. I know... you'll miss me deeply. Tell me all about it and make me feel loved :-P

HOWEVER, when I DO come back, HOPEFULLY (that was a lot of capitals), there will be fun photos of all those cool preggers outfits I made ;) ;) ;). Right!?!  And hopefully I'll be back in the sewing mood again so I can continue to add to them (especially since I have a pile of "refashions" that's about a foot and a half high waiting for me to experiment).

So have a happy 4th everyone, and I'll see ya when I see ya!!


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Keeper of Thy Home said...

Enjoy your break!!!! I have a HUGE sewing pile too - just refashioned another tank into a dress for Makenzie (pics will be up next Monday). Happy Sewing and Enjoy your 4th!!! Hope that little peanut of yours is doing well and not making you too tired/sick.