June 14, 2011

ME!??! In a PHOTO?!?! Don't get excited.

So.... I've been ATTEMPTING to make knit clothes for summer that will accommodate a growing belly. I've been TALKING about these projects occasionally on here, but not showing any pictures of them... because... I'm not huge yet... so while in real life I feel like I look pregnant... in photos, I still feel fat. I definitely am pregnant, and you could SURELY tell when I tried on a swimsuit yesterday... but in my "good till 9 months" clothes? lets just say they'll also be good at disguising the post-baby-pooch. I also haven't shown any photos, because none of my clothing attempts has turned out QUITE as fabulous as I originally imagined them. They're all "public wear worthy"... just not super fabulous. Maybe once I deem myself "huge" (and/or my family finally sees me at a point where they can TELL I'm preggers), I'll do a huge post of all the clothes I've made and you can sit in amazement at my transformation from "girl who needed to lose a LITTLE weight, but still rocked it" to "DANG! She's PREGNANT!"

Needless to say, when I find a great preggers article of clothing for under $20 now... I snag it. Today... I snagged 3. At Sam's Club. Yup... apparently... Sam's Club is my preferred pregnancy clothing shopping location. I now have 4 (count that... FOUR) Sam's Club articles that I really like and are perfect for my pregnant belly!

So what if two of them were sold as pajamas? Throw the accompanying headband (I think?) around my empire waist, and I think I've got a pretty cute sundress! It's long enough that I COULD wear it alone... and short enough that capri leggings (my pant of choice lately) will look adorable underneath too.

I guess if the clothes at JC Penny in the juniors section look like underwear and pajamas... there's no reason why the pajama's at Sam's can't look like cute junior's clothing...

(please pardon the lack of makeup and "it's just humid enough" escaped hair and nasty flash-lines... all self portraits are taken on the camera that's recording my "growth"... a project that will be finished and shown after I've shown off Bean's cute face :-P... but yes, this is how I look when I leave the house.)
And yes... this is as close to a "preggers" shot as you're getting now. I *heart* that you can't REALLY tell I've popped... but... that's why you got a front-shot... not a side shot :-P.



Anonymous said...

You're a beauty. I found you on No Model Lady's blog... I have been trying to watch your pincurls video for the last 15 minutes but for some reason my computer is not wanting to cooperate tonight. Anyway, I know your method works and I can't wait to try it! My best friend has done it two days in a row and her hair looks beautiful.

Anyway, you look GREAT preggo so don't sweat it! I know exactly how you feel... I have had three kiddos myself and every time I feel like a cow, but honestly, pregnancy is so beautiful and you are stunning. You're growing a baby, mama! Embrace the belly! :0)

Betsy said...

Thanks Jamie! Fortunately, I don't really FEEL huge yet... I just don't feel like I "photograph pregnant" yet ;). Plus... I'm kind of excited for the shock value of seeing my family for the first time since telling them all at 20 weeks :-P. I'm a little evil like that ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Keeper of Thy Home said...

So so excited for you! Not sure if you know of http://www.ohsohappytogether.blogspot.com/ but she has a ton of maternity re-make outfit ideas.

Betsy said...

Jess! I do know about Happy Together - and I love her stuff!! She's part of why I decided to try making my own stuff :-P