June 20, 2011

Monday Monday! Trying something new...

So I've decided, on a whim, to try something a little new this week. I'm going to put the buttons up for that 10% discount, as usual, but not for any particular image! (WHAAAAT!?!?)

The deal this week is to check out the website (www.somethingbetsy.com) and ALL items are 10% off for blog readers. How does this work?!!? Well, when you go to check out through Pay-Pal, make note of which image you want (Image # and Title) and what size (if you want more than one item) in the "Message to Seller" box. You will get an e-mail from me (betsy @ somethingbetsy.com) of your order (to make sure we're on the same page)... Just e-mail me back to confirm, and your order will ship via Priority Mail the next day! (That means you can have your goodies 3-6 days after you've confirmed your order!)

Just make sure to use THESE buttons, as ordering through the website directly will charge you full-price.

For Photos

For Cards

For Magnets/Coasters

We'll go back to the regular game next week... so if you'd like to play, Go to www.somethingbetsy.com and check out the galleries to leave a comment here with the image number of YOUR favorite photo (or favorites!). Next Monday, I'll use Random.org to select a photo from those in the comment section of this post for the next deal!

Fine print: Each person can only submit each image ONCE. BUT, you can pick as many images as you like, and you can definitely send your friends over to comment "for" you. The only other stipulation: the image cannot have been featured for the past 4 weeks. Now... comment away!


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