October 5, 2011

Maternity Fashion: Refashioned Elastic Waist Skirt

Yesterday was a REALLY long tutorial on how to make a maternity peasant skirt in 4-5 hours or so. Lets take it down a notch and I'll show you the skirt I made FIRST in about 30 minutes.

This one... used to be a nightgown. An XL nightgown found for $1.00 at the thrift shop. I liked the colors (they matched all my maternity tee's) and I saw potential... if for nothing else than putzing around the house (although yes, this skirt has made trips to the store!) I did not make this a "Maternity Skirt" but could have easily.

Easiest re-fashion EVER. Take a too-big dress, cut straight across at the arms, fold over twice to form a casing and finish the top edge, saving a small space to thread elastic through - thread the elastic, sew the ends together, and finish off the casing. Ta-da!!  If I had made it maternity, I would have folded the dress flat from front to back, and cut it at an angle to account for the "rise" required to go around the belly before putting the casing and elastic in.

It's a GREAT way to take some of those "too big" items you find for cheap into something useful! Yay for under-belly elastic!!



Keeper of Thy Home said...

okay, so maybe i should head to the thrift store tomorrow to see if I can start with this one since at this rate between the kiddos and my sleepiness 4-5 hours worth of sewing will take 4-5 weeks!

Fidelio said...

See, that's the hemline thing I meant...it doesn't do much for your "posture" appearance, does it?

Sigh. Good thing I like the belly panels, hate sewing, and have children who don't mind what I wear as long as they can rest their knees on my ribcage.